Club Officers

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, YOU ARE A LEADER"
John Quincy Adams


Tony DeLeon
DTM, PDG 2008-09

VP Education

Katherine Pratt
DTM, PDD 2015-2016

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Tony’s Toastmasters journey started in 2001. District 4 Toastmasters reached Distinguished Status during his term as District Governor in 2008-09. During the 2015 Toastmasters International convention, Tony was one of 14 members to receive one of the highest honors in Toastmasters - The Presidential Citation – an award recognizing outstanding contributions, service and dedication to Toastmasters.

His leadership style is Servant Leadership. Being part of Leadership 101 is a chance to be part of a club where past leaders and more importantly current and future leaders have a chance to meet. Tony enjoys the leadership profile where a member presents an influential leader at each of our meetings.

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Katherine stepped into Toastmasters in 2003 and has never looked back! Throughout the years, she learned to say "YES" to new opportunities and served in club, area, division and district leadership roles. In 2015-16, she served as District Director of District 4, which at the time was the third largest district in the world. Katherine was District 4's Toastmaster of the Year in 2021 and is the recipient of District 4's Golden Gate award (2016) for service to the district.

Katherine's leadership style is an even split between the Altruistic and Democratic leadership styles. When leading, she values building community, collaboration, and allowing team members to take the lead -- all of which happens in Leadership 101!

VP Membership

Ravi Ganesan


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Megan joined Toastmasters in 2017 to improve her public speaking. Quickly moving into club and district leadership, she realized leadership training is Toastmasters' hidden gem. She served as Area Director in 2018-19, Division Director in 2020-2021, and was recognized as Division Director of the Year. She brought together a highly diverse team during covid for a great year of learning - their first in person team meeting was their end of year celebration!

Megan applies what she learns about leadership to her work, connections, even family. Her leadership style Democratic Leadership. What inspires her about Leadership 101 is exploring the application of leadership styles through the monthly themes and "What would you do?" Table Topics leadership scenarios.



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Satish Shenoy started his Toastmasters journey in 2012 at Macintalkers Toastmasters club on the Apple HQ Campus in Cupertino, CA. Over the years, he has been a member of many clubs as he moved homes and jobs across the Bay Area and recently moving to Austin, TX in July 2021. He has held various leadership roles at the Club and Area level and was recognized as the Best Area Club Director across District 101 in 2017.

Satish is a lifelong learner, a coach and a mentor and he loves bringing along others on that learning journey. Being part of an advanced club like Leadership 101 has given him the opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders while learning and sharing and applying those learnings beyond the club. He particularly enjoys the unique roles at L101 and his favorite is the “What would you do…” Table Topics sessions.

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Lori started her Toastmasters journey in 2020 when she founded the Women in Product Toastmasters Club. Since then she has become an active member of the Toastmasters community serving in multiple leadership roles across clubs. Her passion for leadership, growth, and meeting new people made joining Leadership 101 a no-brainer! She enjoys learning from a diverse group of leaders with varying levels of experience while continuing to improve her public speaking.

Lori's leadership style is coaching. As a 3 time national bowling champion, her coaching style comes naturally but this club allows her to explore other leadership styles and learn how to apply them to her everyday life.


Past President

Solarzar Dellaporta

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Jon joined Toastmasters back in 2007, after being impressed by a Table Topics speaker and realizing that gaining skill at impromptu speaking could be an important career differentiator. Jon just started a term as the Club Coach Chair for the District's Club Growth Team, has served as a Division Governor in 2014-2015, twice as an Area Governor in 2011-2012 and 2013-2014, and has been a Club Coach for two different clubs.

Jon's leadership style is Democratic Leadership, which emphasizes consensus decision-making when possible and practical. Jon has had a life-long interest in what makes a good leader, so Leadership 101 is a place where he can both interact with great leaders and learn more about the attributes and approaches of great leaders.

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Solarzar has been a Toastmaster since 1995. He has been an Area Governor of the Year, a District 4 Toastmaster of the Year, a Division Governor of the Year and most recently a Division Director for Division A. He led his Division to Select Distinguished both times and continues to provide support at the District level. Solarzar believes everything can be made easier if we complete one inch at a time, which is the heart of the Toastmaster program.

Max Dupree shared, “Leadership is good work because leaders feel a strong need to express their potential and because they wish to serve the needs of others.” Solarzar believes leadership is contextual. Leaders must know the purpose of a task or action, they must share the knowledge behind it, and they must allow the outcome to choose itself. Anything else is management. There is no one size fits all. Leadership 101 provides room for all sizes.

What is Your Leadership Style?

Toastmasters' Pathways Educational Program has a special project to help you identify and learn about your leadership styles and others.

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